TDOR Events and their legacy

November 26, 2012 in 14th annual, 20th november, Asia, Australia, Bigotry, Campaigns, Canada, candle light vigil, Coming Out, Community, Culture, Europe, Gender Identity, Identity, LGBT, murder, Society, TDOR, Trans, Transgender, transgender day of remembrance, Transphobia, United Kingdom, United States, Wipe Out Transphobia

Gwynedd Council raise the transgender flag for TDOR in 2012The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) has been marked this month for its 14th year, which saw the global trans community come out en-mass to mourn and celebrate the lives of the people we lost during the last 12 months.

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“We are Allies” – Campaign Report

November 3, 2012 in Bigotry, Campaigns, Canada, Community, Culture, Gender Fluid, Gender Identity, Gender Queer, Identity, LGBT, Society, Trans, Transgender Spectrum, Transition, Transphobia, Transsexual, Two Spirit, Website, Wipe Out Homophobia, Wipe Out Transphobia

Wipe Out Transphobia Article As an organisation dedicated to Wiping Out Transphobia, we are always delighted to hear and see people declaring their support as allies, either from inside or outside our community.

Earlier this year, a supporter for trans rights and equality sent us an image saying, “My House, My Home, My Heart, A Safe Zone, I am an Ally”.

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“TrAnnie” will dehumanise and trivialise #Girlslikeus

September 23, 2012 in Australia, Bigotry, Comment Articles, Community, Cross Dressing, Culture, Gender Identity, Identity, LGBT, Member Articles, Society, Trans, Transgender, Transition, Transphobia, Transsexual, Wipe Out Transphobia

trAnnie in the Sydney Opera HouseThe upcoming stage show “TrAnnie” will dehumanise and trivialise #Girlslikeus: #Girlslikeus deserve better because we matter.

Trans women, or #Girlslikeus, deserve better because our lives matter, and our lives should matter to the Sydney Opera House and the writers of “TrAnnie”. You may be asking why I’m referring to trans women as “#girlslikeus”.

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Behaviour that’s Transphobic and Why

July 20, 2012 in Campaigns, Identity, Legal, Trans, Transgender, Transphobia, Transsexual

Transphobia KillsTRANSPHOBIA: The fear or hatred of transgender people, or people who are perceived as not meeting society’s expectations around gender roles, identities and presentations. Transphobia is closely linked with Homophobia and Biphobia.

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