Wipe Out Transphobia - Transphobia MeansWe asked a large member of our social network membership in November 2014 to describe exactly what transphobia meant to them. We had a huge number of responses, with a good mix of people around the world; some gender diverse, some not.

Large numbers of responses indicated that people perceive that transphobia stems from hate, ignorance and fear to a lack of education and/or varying mixed versions of these four factors.

We have not yet collated these as a definitive survey, however we are in the process of doing just that. For now, these are just a few of the responses that explained exactly how transphobia is perceived by those either on the receiving end of it, or by people supporting them. All responses have been made anonymous.

Every time we ask this question we get between 200 – 500 responses.

So we asked:

To Me, Transphobia Means _______________ ?


• “People who are so hung up on prejudices that they refuse to look at scientific evidence.”

• “To fear stepping into the world everyday because the odds are so high that you will meet a brutal death for just being yourself. In short, it means fearing for your life.”

• “Being bullied, isolated and depressed due to others not being educated on what being transgender truly means. People fear what they don’t know.”

• “Lack of education, empathy and love. Fear of change, acceptance and inner demons.”

• “Fear. Not fear of transgender people, but fear of the unknown and fear of change. People fear that which they cannot understand or control.”

• “Caring about what’s in somebody’s pants – despite the fact that you’re not 100% certain which equipment is possessed by the majority of people you meet.”

• “Cis people who don’t truly see me as my gender and get upset or annoyed with me much easier than before my transition.”

• “I’m gonna get hurt.”

• “Afraid of what’s different, just like homophobia.”

• “Death threats, and hateful slurs, as well as misgendered pronouns.”

• “Forcing people to fit the gender binary.”

• “It means my best friend can’t be himself without prejudice.”

• “To me transphobia is having an irrational fear of some one who isn’t stamped out of the same mold you are.”

To me it means unemployment.”

• “Definitely ignorance! I think it’s a very serious issue.

• “Hate and fear of what you don’t understand.”

• “Isolation.”

• “Stupidity, lack of understanding or caring for another human being. We are all human, and should love each other.

• “Never feeling completely safe.

• “Death, suicide, hate, sadness, murder.

• “As with any LGBT phobia, hatred.

• “Miserable ignorance. I only say that because I don’t understand how you can hate people who have not hurt you, without being terribly, miserably, unfulfilled.

• “No respect for the feelings of other people.

• “Living in constant fear of ignorant people hurting my son because of who I am.

• “Insecurity. All prejudice comes from weakness.

• “Deciding your definition of gender is more important than someone’s identity, safety, and comfort and choosing to impose said definition on them.”

• “Having to stand up for people who shouldn’t have to endure unjustified harassment from fearful, ignorant souls.”

• “That I have to be afraid for my safety and my family’s safety.

• “Anything from outright violence to simple refusal to use the right pronouns for someone.

• “Having the police blame me for being assaulted at the park.”

• “Being rejected for revealing your true self.”

• “Ignorance and hatred that leads to alienation, depression and suicide!

• “That much of the world is still inexcusably behind the times.

• “A violent ideology that claims that I am non-existent and my identity is not valid.”

• “To me, transphobia is REFUSING to allow people to be who they really are.

• “Something which manifests itself in some way each and every day in my life. Sometimes only slightly, sometimes very hurtfully.”

• “Excluding persons who are nothing else but HUMANS.

• “A bitter lack of humanity and compassion.

• “To me, Transphobia is being jealous of people who are brave enough to be themselves.”