Book Reviews

Wipe Out Transphobia’s remit is to reduce transphobia wherever possible, and this is often done by showing  gender diverse people, stories and lives in a positive light. With that in mind there are a number of books available, either about or written by gender diverse people, which achieve that aim.

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becoming-julie-cover-thumb Becoming Julie

Author: Julie Clarke / Review by Emma Bailey

This is a well written and genuine account from childhood to the present day, which details Julie Clarke’s internal battle with Gender Identity from her own perspective.

The book is a very good, in-depth read, with a lot of honesty and information. Julie Clarke outlines her own journey and the friends who helped her to reach her goal. She details discrimination, employment and family issues, which so many trans people see.

Overall this was an excellent read, with wonderful detail and a positive outcome. We had difficulty putting it down and we would recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the struggles trans people face on a daily basis.


Conundrum Conundrum

Author: Jan Morris / Review by Kate Hutchinson

British travel writer Jan Morris first released this book in 1974. I was initially introduced to it by a friend at a local LGBT group. I held off reading it for a while assuming that due to when it was written I might not take to it as well as a more recently written Trans bio. How wrong I was!

This book is beautifully written; the way she puts across her emotions and feelings of growing up in a male role that she felt disjointed from is superb. Her extraordinary life from her time in the forces to being a correspondent with the first british team to successfully scale Everest makes interesting reading as the book moves on to her transition with the support of her wife and family.


Are you a boy or are you a girl?Are you a boy or are you a girl?

Authors: Sarah Savage & Fox Fisher / Review by Emma Bailey

A beautifully illustrated and appropriately written book aimed at all children. The book is perfect for bed-time reading, or just to add to any child’s library and will allow not only trans, (binary or non-binary) or questioning children to start to understand who they are but it will also allow all children to understand gender and how we interact with other people in a very appropriate way.

The book makes the point that gender identity is a very personal thing and that whoever you are, you do not need to be restricted by that; whether you be rescuing someone from a crocodile, playing football or painting. We enjoyed this very much.

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