Wipe Out Transphobia - Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR)

Transgender Day of Remembrance

TDOR or the Transgender Day of Remembrance is a day that is marked every year on the 20th of November to remember and commemorate gender diverse people in the world who have been attacked and murdered or who have died by suicide because of the prejudice and discrimination they have faced.

The day was started to mark those we have lost in 1999 in San Francisco after the still unsolved murder of Rita Hester in 1998 started the online Remembering Our Dead Project.

The day is now marked across the world in just about every country and territory; by people wishing to not only remember those who have been taken from us, but also to campaign for those of us still here who still face the same violence and discrimination.

For gender diverse people the world can still be a dangerous and discriminatory place, where people are attacked for simply expressing who they are. Some people who are now not with us for a variety of reasons even face discrimination after death, where friends and relatives often disrespect a person’s identity when burying them.

For us, this day marks the realisation of the ultimate manifestation of transphobic behaviour and so we pay particular attention to it. While we Wipe Out Transphobia TDOR Candle Lit Vigil 2014campaign and fight on a worldwide stage to end discrimination and violence against gender diverse people, the numbers of people attacked and dying through this kind of prejudice is still rising.

This is not acceptable.

Wipe Out Transphobia campaign both on and offline. We hold vigils, we campaign to raise flags on local government buildings and we liaise with the press to ensure that as much awareness is gained from such a sad day.

We will keep campaigning until this stops.

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