We Need Your Help

Wipe out Transphobia operate internationally and in doing so we have to meet a number of financial obligations, which range from website hosting, to fees for shows and events, equipment for our stalls/stands and training sessions, advocacy, engaging in debate and even printing materials to help raise awareness of transgender and gender diverse people and the issues that directly affect them.

We are also working towards a specific Wipe Out Transphobia centre. All donations are gratefully accepted.

We are a Not-For-Profit organisation, which maximizes the use of our revenue, however as we remain a fundamentally grassroots organisation, we still rely mainly on donations and help from contributors like yourself.

Please consider helping us to effect change; just £1/$1/1  can make all the difference.

You can donate to us securely via Paypal, with a one off donation or a monthly gift. If you choose to donate, we sincerely thank you and we promise to put your money to good use.