Wipe Out TransphobiaWho are we?

Wipe out Transphobia (WOT), is an international volunteer led project, with the sole aim of reducing and wiping out if possible the transphobia in society that regularly affects anyone who strays away from the traditional binary idea of gender as assigned at birth.

Transphobia manifests itself in many situations from home and school, to the office and socially. The effects can be horrific, with people being bullied and harassed, denied jobs and healthcare and then attempting or succeeding at suicide because of the pressure. Transphobia in its worst form, often results in rejection, hatred, violence and then murder.

Gender diverse people deserve to live with dignity and respect, like anyone else!

Wipe Out Transphobia are a small organisation, working from a tiny island in North West Wales, United Kingdom. We are a grassroots voluntary not-for-profit organisation working with charitable aims. We are fully dedicated to Wiping Out Transphobia by using Activism and Education and helping to promote Support and Understanding. We spend time raising awareness of gender diverse people and their lives and being as visible as possible.

We operate a number of social networks to help us to achieve that goal and we have a lot of information on our website. In addition to this, we attend events as and when our small funds allow and we engage with communities and individuals on a regular basis. We are a local equality stakeholder in Wales and we liaise with many public, private and third sector organisations and agencies to discuss policy and legislation and to promote gender diverse people; ultimately raising as much awareness as we can.

We produce our own media, which we distribute as widely across the world as possible. This includes video footage, pocket size support cards and A5, A4 and foldable leaflets and posters ranging from equality in sports, awareness and hate crime.

Please be sure to Contact Us if you would like any of our material.


Why these colours/flag?

We often get asked why we do not use the traditional transgender flag for our organisation.

We found that when taking transphobia into account that this does not always affect just binary transgender people. While it certainly affects these people massively, transphobia also affects people who are non-binary and also cis people who may not conform to traditional gender roles or presentation. When looking at the old flag, it seems to indicate that it only represents binary trans identified people.

This was not good enough.

The new flag for us represents the gender binary as society sees it (blue and pink at each end of the flag, representing binary identified people), and then a range of different shades of purple in-between, which can be seen to represent non-binary identities. Granted there are only three colours in the middle and ideally we’d love more shades, however for us this is the most representative flag available, which is why we use it.


How did WOT start?

Wipe Out Transphobia was started in June 2011 as a simple Facebook page, known then as Wipe Out Transphobia on Facebook. The page was set up by Emma Bailey as a response to the transphobia and prejudice she saw both in her own family and in the world around her. The page was also an effort to emulate Wipe Out Homophobia as it was then and to give gender diverse people more representation and a united place to feel safe.

As the page grew, it took on a campaigning persona and quickly grew to be the largest gender diverse/trans specific social media page in the world.

Andrew Davies and Kate Hutchinson joined our international team of volunteers in 2013 and were two of the first on our board of directors when we became a registered not-for-profit with charitable aims in June 2014. We are curently registered in England and Wales.

Both have been instrumental in progressing Wipe Out Transphobia and its work.

Meet Our Team