Please help us survive our ordeal?

April 5, 2013 in Australia, Campaigns, Coming Out, Community, Europe, Identity, Legal, LGBT, Member Submitted Articles, Religion, Trans, Transgender, Transsexual, Wipe Out Transphobia by Emma

indi3Hi my name is Indiana and I am trans* (transgender). My partner is also Trans* and a refugee from Iraq and had to flee due to death threats after she was outed as a transsexual. We are both living in very harsh and high risk conditions in Istanbul Turkey. We were surviving on my pension however due to new Australian laws that commenced in Jan 2013 my pension has been stopped and I was about to loose my community housing back in Australia.

I have been forced to return to Australia to settle issues I have with Centrelink leaving my partner and her sick mother to fend for themselves. I need to return ASAP so I can be with my partner and her mother. Conditions are very rough for us here and its no place for a single trans woman to be alone. We go everywhere together for safety.

The dwelling we live in is substandard and under the street in a known refugee area. We have very little liindi4ght, a bathroom that is falling to pieces with a shower and toilet that don’t work. We can hardly afford to live and as a result we try to save on everything like electricity and gas. We sometimes go without food and become sick and malnourished. We are also both newly post operative and cant even afford hormones and after care materials we need to keep infections away. We are currently using out of date hormones.

We walk everywhere as we cant afford public transport let alone a taxi. We are trans and it is sometimes scary going to the security office which is far from here and takes us all day to get there and back. Sometimes in the rain. We have to report there every Friday as they hold her passport and this is part of the obligation of all refugees registered with the UNHCR to do this.

We have experienced much transphobia and sometimes we are scared to go out. Our life is very basic which is ok but we feel it is having a huge impact on our health and well being to continue this way. I cant and wont leave my partner to suffer this alone.

What we need is to raise money for airfares and living costs until which time the Australian Embassy and the UNHCR process my partner and her mothers resettlement application to Australia. We have already made some headway and it we could be heading home together in as little as a few months but we have to survive until then.
We are not starting this fund lightly. We tried many ways to appropriate the funds to help us survive our situation. Now we are at our wits end and have to ask the wider community for assistance.

Please help us survive this ordeal. If we raise too much we want to put moneys back into the Wipe Out Transphobia Outreach Fund. I will only use what we need…

Thankyou for hearing us out and giving if you choose to do so. For legal and reasons of safety I am protecting my partners identity for now…

If you can help us to survive, our campaign is here:

Thanks for reading – Indi